Alternate Theories of the JFK Assassination: Spring 2013, UCSC

In the fall quarter at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Daniel Sheehan taught a class on alternative theories of the JFK assassination, one of the first courses of its kind ever taught.  Starting with the Warren commission report and the official government position, Sheehan outlines in extensive detail the nine major theories as to who was really behind the assassination.  The class ends on the theory Sheehan and Richard Billings are currently turning into the book "Rulers of the Realm."


Online Reference Material:

5 page syllabus

19 page syllabus

146 page syllabus

The Cast of Characters


Evidence as a Multidisciplinary Subject

The Study of Politics:  Logic, Approaches, Methods

JFK Conspiracy Theories at 50

Extended Chronology


Oct. 1: The Historical Perspective 

Oct. 3: Critical Thinking

Oct. 8: Oswald, the Lone Gunman 

Oct. 10: Warren Commission Report 

Oct. 10: Discussion 

Oct. 15: Challenges to "Lone Gunman" Theory

Oct. 17: The Later Discovered Facts That Challenge the Lone Gunman Theory

Oct. 22: Undisputed Facts

Oct. 24: The Still-Controversial Facts that Point Toward an Alternate Explanation 

Oct. 24: Discussion

Oct. 29: Select Committee on Assassination, Cuban Exiles and Organized Crime (Greg)

Oct. 31: The Mob Killed JFK

Nov. 5: Garrison Investigation and Oliver Stone

Nov. 7: The Torbitt Document- Johnson, Hoover,  and the F.B.I.

Nov. 14: The S-Force, Santos Trafficante, and Richard Helms within the C.I.A.

Nov. 19: The C.I.A. As an Institution Did It

Nov. 21: Theory #9- 7 Days in May- Joint Chiefs of Staff Coup (Nov. 21, 2013, one day before the 50th anniversary)

Nov. 26: Opening onto the "Rulers of the Ream" thesis


Dec. 3: Continuing the "Rulers of the Realm" thesis

Dec. 5: Social, Legal and Political Implications for the “Rulers of the Realm” thesis. 

Section: Discussion of Social, Legal and Political Implications for all theories.